Lumina Aqua
Hanshow's Freshest ESL

The Lumina Aqua Electronic Shelf Labeling Solution is designed for fresh food retail displays, and is designed to improve store operational efficiency and aesthetics to enhance profitability. Lumina Aqua is a full-color LCD electronic shelf label with IP65 water and dust resistance rating, and it supports instant refresh and multiple material display functionality. Lumina Aqua also includes an adaptive intelligence system to support advertisement customization and editing.

High IP rating

Reliable power supply

Easy installation

Cloud-based deployment

Custom templates

Full-color dynamic display

Classic 7 inch and 10 inch sizes
Balancing elegance and durability through four key design features:


Protected from the elements

IP65 water and dust resistance ensures outstanding performance in various fresh food retail settings.

A tough shell protects against drops, and it operates normally between -10℃ to 50℃.

Steady Power Supply

Electric-powered through a specially designed rack with a focus on aesthetics and safety.

Perfect for fresh food settings and adaptable for a wide range of retail.

Cloud-managed - intelligent retail at one click

SaaS ensures fast deployment, easy maintenance, and efficient control of pricing and advertising for retailers.

Displays that work for YOU

Cloud-based editing tools allow for endless display options that best fit retailer needs.

Lumina Aqua - Focused on Fresh Foods

Empowering profitability

Prices can be set according to sales data analysis to increase sales at optimal times.

Boosting efficiency

Prices can be updated instantly, sales promotions can be more frequent, and inventory can be moved more efficiently.

Generating revenue

Advertising can increase sales and bring in new revenue.

Cost Reductions

Dynamic pricing opens up new promotion opportunities and increased sales while reducing wasted productsAdvertising can increase sales and bring in new revenue.