Hanshow’s ESLs can meet versatile requirements in a grocery environment. Our labels are designed to be waterproof and dust proof, adapting to various temperatures. In addition, our ESLs enable price changes and promotion updates with excellent speed and accuracy, to increase sales and manage wastage.


Hanshow’s ESLs can easily help display all important information such as ingredients and allergy information, prices changes and information in real-time, on any shelf. Free your team from manual price changing and inventory checking to enable them to have more available time to provide better service to the customer.


With outstanding display effects, Hanshow’s ESLs can change prices and promos for any products easily. Visualized texts and graphics via our ESLs, showcasing information such as product features or technical parameters etc.
Enhance customer engagement by sending promotional offers and rewards to their smartphones. Enhance customer's interactive experience via NFC chip in our ESL. For example, the customer can "like" a product or rate a products by approaching an ESL with a smartphone.


For a Home Decoration store, you need an elegant ESL product line that can be attached to various items, from cups and mugs to couches and closets. Hanshow’s full-spectrum and modern designed ESLs can be utilized for various products and our Geo-location solution helps customers to find their ideal products more efficiently.

Fashion & Sports

Fashion stores require ESLs to be adaptive to various clothing and shoes without interfering the unique look of products. Another challenge for fashion stores is the synchronization of online and offline information. During holiday seasons, it is a labor-consuming tasks to adjust the offline prices. With Hanshow’s ESL solution, retailers can easily adjust the prices, reducing labor cost and dedicate more time to customers. 
Free store associates to spend more time serving customers. In-aisle engagement with personalized offers sent to smartphones. Deploy your pricing strategy with speed, agility and consistency.